Water Gardens

Water Gardens, Waterfalls St. Marys, PA 15857

The sound of running water is very relaxing to most people.  Why not install a water feature to your backyard to come home to and relax after a stressful day.  From large waterfalls with ponds big enough for fish to small pondless waterfalls, Swissmont Nursery and design a water feature tailored to each individual.

What is a pondless waterfall?  As shown in the picture there is no standing water or pond.  The water flows into the rocks at the bottom which houses a pump.  There is no standing water, which makes it ideal for homes with little children.

Swissmont Nursery can also install much smaller water features such as bubbling rocks and fountain vases.  These products are great for producing the relaxing sound of running water without using up much room.  We would love to make a water feature a reality so give Swissmont Nursery a call today.